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Re: Slow login with Active Directory

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OK, after three years I finally found the 'missing piece' to this puzzle!

Even after doing the above things, my logins were still slower than I had wished. Delays at the 'Applying your personal settings' part of the login.

Turned out I was running into something that only smaller setups like my home network (Or small business networks) would encounter: Although in the old Windows NT days you could do everything with only one primary domain controller, in the modern Active Directory days you MUST have two domain controllers. Turns out that you can run everything but one piece, the Group Policy Object role, on a single server. The Group Policy management role HAS to be on a second domain controller. Not sure why, but after doing three years of research, I found that out.

Add a second Active Directory domain controller, assign it the GPO role, and your logins will be snappy.
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