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12/2/2019 2:30:11 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Thousands of preserved games from many platforms. 

10/10/2019 10:37:10 PM
Posted By: Test Dude
Topic: Music
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Incredible artwork and animation. Official VEVO. Enjoy!

10/9/2019 8:55:33 AM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: News: Omaha
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How would you like to start the day like this guy I saw on my walk to work this morning. He was at the top of a tall flagpole on the top of a 24 story building changing the big lightbulb that warns away air traffic!!

10/4/2019 4:51:59 PM
Posted By: Dan Taub
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If I had known, 20 years ago, that my side in the ideological wars over gender and sex was going to win so decisively, I would have been ecstatic. Back then, I spent many evenings at the pub or at dinner parties debating gender and identity with other graduate students; or, really, anyone who would listen—my mother-in-law, my relatives, or just a random person unlucky enough to be in my presence. I insisted that there was no such thing as sex. And I knew it. I just knew it. Because I was a gender historian.

9/30/2019 4:38:26 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Not really sure why this happens, usually every time you check out a clean copy of the code to a new directory, but the fix is easy:

9/30/2019 2:54:39 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Surprising to learn that a language (Fulfulde) spoken by millions of people in West Africa never has had a written format. But they do now! It's even a new Unicode format and is available in Microsoft Office and many other apps now.

9/28/2019 12:02:06 AM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Announcements
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Got to go to the grand opening of Omaha's second Beercade location tonight. Been waiting on this one for months and it's finally here!

9/18/2019 2:58:49 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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8/29/2019 5:38:19 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Rage!
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8/2/2019 2:08:13 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
Topic: Humor
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Look at these horrible names for tech stuff.

6/18/2019 9:13:44 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
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Intellectually, anyone can learn to code. Anyone can also learn to play piano. But at least with piano someone else can hear the result and recognize the effort. Plus one bad note doesn't cause the piano to burst into flames.

6/10/2019 12:11:47 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
Topic: Rage!
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A very bizaare view of The Matrix, not saying I agree with this, but it's definitely a weird way of looking at it. Found this on another site.

6/3/2019 4:13:00 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Imagine cupping an Ansault pear in your palm, polishing its golden-green belly on your shirtsleeve. Imagine raising it to your lips and biting, the crisp snap as a wafer of buttery flesh falls on your tongue. Imagine the juice shooting out—you bend at the waist and scoot your feet back to prevent the drops from falling on your sneakers. . . .

5/23/2019 3:56:10 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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This is pretty funny, a detailed "interview" made up by someone that had a lot of people thinking it was real, and that C++ was just created to get rid of the glut of C programmers and create high-paying jobs for people that could understand a programming language intentionally designed to be confusing and hard to work with.

5/9/2019 1:42:39 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Reviews
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So after all these years of following and loving Game of Thrones, we finally get definitive evidence that the so-called "great writers" (D&D) really don't care about the show anymore and basically phoned in some of the worst writing ever seen on the show. Just absolutely terrible, look at all this garbage:

5/9/2019 12:10:42 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Science
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A clue to the physical meaning of the wavefunction Ψ(x,t) is provided by the two-slit interference of monochromatic light (Figure 7.1.1) that behave as electromagnetic waves. The wavefunction of a light wave is given by E(x,t), and its energy density is given by |E|2, where E is the electric field strength. The energy of an individual photon depends only on the frequency of light, ϵphoton=hf, so |E|2 is proportional to the number of photons. When light waves from S1 interfere with light waves from S2 at the viewing screen (a distance D away), an interference pattern is produced (7.1.1a). Bright fringes correspond to points of constructive interference of the light waves, and dark fringes correspond to points of destructive interference of the light waves (7.1.1b).

5/1/2019 3:04:16 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Humor
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Paddy wants a job, but the foreman won't hire him until he passes a little math test.
Here is your first question, the foreman said. "Without using numbers, represent the number 9."

4/18/2019 2:58:45 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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The biggest "relevant" problem with REST APIs here is the clients need to communicate with multiple data API endpoints. REST APIs require clients to do multiple network round-trips to get their data. They are usually a collection of endpoints where each endpoint represents a resource, so when a client needs data about multiple resources it needs to perform multiple network requests to a REST API and then put together the data it needs by combining multiple responses. In a pure REST API (not a customized one), a client cannot specify which fields to select for a record in that resource. That information is in the REST API service itself and the REST API service will always return all of the fields regardless of which ones the client actually needs. GraphQL’s term for this problem is over-fetching of information that is not needed. It is a waste of network and memory resources for both the client and the server. GraphQL speaks to the data as a graph and data is naturally a graph. If you need to represent any data, the right structure is a graph. The GraphQL runtime allows us to represent our data with a graph API that matches the natural graph shape of that data.

3/25/2019 1:36:23 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
Topic: Weird stuff
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We've been fighting a secret battle against an inter-dimensional race called the Morelox. They discovered Earth on December 7 1942. A lot of people think it was the Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor, that was just a cover story, it was actually the arrival of the Morelox.

3/20/2019 10:46:31 AM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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One of those nice hidden things that makes life much easier. There is a nice GUI-based CSV viewer built into PowerShell!

3/8/2019 9:05:13 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
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The burst of the fireball does not expend a considerable amount of pressure, and the burst will generally conform to the shape of the area in which it occurs, thus covering an area equal to its normal spherical volume. [The area which is covered by the fireball is a total volume of roughly 33,000 cubic feet (or yards).]

2/28/2019 4:47:35 PM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
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Two hundred light years from Earth an immense structure rotates around a yellow star. A million miles across, six hundred million miles in circumference, the Ringworld spins fast enough to provide an artificial gravity almost identical to that of Earth. Twenty ‘shadow squares’ orbiting closer to the sun provide the illusion of night and day. It is a habitable area of unimaginable vastness. Living space for trillions of sentient creatures. But it is no paradise…

2/22/2019 2:18:24 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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1/16/2019 9:31:34 AM
Posted By: Comfortably Anonymous
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1/10/2019 3:34:14 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Science
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In further instancing the case of the King of Benin, the Consul General stated that the King, when coming down from the City during the rains, said the white man did not know how to stop the rain, but that, if he (the King) wanted to stop it, he would send down to the river, bring a man from there, and hang him up on the crucifixion trees. The Consul explained to the Chiefs how wrong and silly such a notion was, and said it would never be allowed by the British.—[Report of a Palaver at Brass, W. Africa: Standard, 8 November 1897.]

1/5/2019 1:25:54 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
Topic: Science
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AFEW years ago at a New York City luncheon, a business acquaintance expressed a keen desire to have a conference with a Chicago scientific friend of one of the luncheon guests. He said: "Will you not telephone him and see if he will meet me in New York tomorrow?" Thus, at 12:00 noon, the telephone connection with Chicago was made, a conversation held with the friend, and at 12:45 P.M. the Chicago scientist took his train. At 10 o'clock next day the conference was held in New York, and at 2:45 p.m. the man of science was on his return journey which placed him in Chicago next morning, ready for his regular day's work. What an age in which to live!

11/16/2018 9:09:47 AM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Animated Elevator

11/2/2018 3:26:11 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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A few good queries to find out why Oracle is running slow...

10/25/2018 2:24:47 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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Ever get stuck naming new characters while writing? This utility will help break your case of Writers Block!

6/28/2018 2:40:14 PM
Posted By: Ben Kimball
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So this is a pretty huge blast to the past on how the most popular internet location was back in the 1990s before the web got big.